Resident Golf Professionals

PGA Professionals at Carramar Golf Course

Carramar Golf Course hosts a team of PGA accredited Golf professionals passionate about helping you improve your game! Whether you are a novice golfer just starting your journey, or a seasoned veteran looking to shave a couple of shots off your score, our PGA professionals will be able to help! Learn more about each of our resident PGA Pros below.

Cameron Vale

Meet Cameron Vale, a skilled PGA Professional who has been a proud member of the PGA for the last four years. Cameron completed his traineeship in 2019, and since then, he has been honing his craft and sharing his knowledge with his students at Carramar Golf Course.

Cameron has a natural approach to the golf swing, and he tailors his teachings to suit each player's unique needs. He has a genuine passion for helping aspiring young golfers and has been actively involved in the MyGolf clinics to nurture and inspire the future generation of golfers.

Apart from coaching, Cameron also possesses excellent knowledge and skills in club fitting, ensuring that each golfer has the right club make-up and shafts to help them achieve their optimal performance.

Join Cameron at Carramar Golf Course and discover the secrets to mastering the game of golf.


Chris Hevron

Custom Club Fitter – PGA Coach – PGA Tour 96/97

Meet Chris Hevron, an accomplished PGA Professional and Manager with almost 30 years of experience in the golf industry. Since 1992, Chris has dedicated himself to being a Golf Professional, and he was a full member of the Australian PGA Tour for many years.

Throughout his career, Chris has acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise in playing, coaching, and club fitting. His ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner makes him the ideal choice for all your golfing needs.

As the Venue Manager for Carramar Golf Course, Chris has a proven track record of managing all aspects of golf operations with precision and excellence. His unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service ensures that members and guests have a memorable and enjoyable golfing experience.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced golfer, Chris has the passion and expertise to help you reach your golfing goals and improve your game. Take the first step towards enhancing your golf skills and join Chris today.


Greg McClurkin

Meet Greg McClurkin, Greg embarked on his professional golf journey in 1992, taking his first steps under the guidance of the esteemed New Zealand professional, Terry Kendall.

In the year 2000, Greg decided to make a significant move, relocating to the Netherlands, where he dedicated 13 years to both instructing and competing on the PGA Holland Tour.

During his time abroad, Greg honed his craft at a variety of golf courses, with one standout experience being his tenure at the prestigious Royal Hague Golf Club in the Netherlands. It was here that he achieved a remarkable coaching feat, leading the Ladies 1st team to victory in the 2012 national championship, ending their 16-year title drought.

Greg has since become a devoted full-time golf instructor, catering to a diverse range of students, from beginners taking their first swings to aspiring tour professionals looking to refine their game.

One of Greg's notable qualifications is his certification as an L.A.W.s Instructor. The L.A.W.s concept revolves around tailoring the golf swing to the unique body type of each player. This innovative approach has yielded remarkable results over the years, particularly for individuals with limited flexibility or physical constraints.

Greg's expertise and dedication have made him a respected figure in the world of golf instruction, and he continues to share his passion and knowledge with golfers of all levels.

To book a lesson with Greg please click the button below.


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