Social Clubs and Groups at Carramar Golf Course

We welcome all social clubs and groups

Carramar Golf Course is a thriving hub for the local community. We welcome ladies' groups, men’s groups, youth groups and just about any other club or group of people who share a desire to enjoy a great conversation over a game of golf. Our goal is to balance access to social golfers in our community who like to play for the fun of it, and also competition golfers who strive to win!

Carramar Golf Course is home to a number of social clubs that play on a weekly basis. If you're interested in joining a social club, please see our list of social groups and their contact details below.

Carramar 40 Plus Social Golf Club

Mondays, 9 & 18 Holes
Tee Times: Summer: 6am (18H), 7am (9H)  |  Winter: 7am (18H), 8am (9H).
Please contact Con or Elaine.

Con Sappelli
Phone: (08) 9342-4078

Elaine Kitto
Phone: (08) 9306-3727

Rover 60 Social Golf Club

Tuesdays, 18 Holes
Tee Times: Summer: 6am  |  Winter: 6:30am
Contact Greg Solin.
Phone: 0418107028

Evergreens Social Golf Club

Tuesdays, 9 Holes
Tee Times: Summer: 6:30am  |  Winter: 7:00am
Please contact Chris or Jim.

Chris Head
Phone: 0417 967 631

Jim Mills
Phone: 0428 006 905

Midweek Social Golf Club

Wednesdays, 18 Holes
Tee Times: Summer: 6am  |  Winter: 7am
Please contact Arthur or Bill.

Arthur Jones
Phone: (08) 9307-1812

Bill Oliver
Phone: (08) 9407-7968

Ladies Cosmopolitan Golf Club

Thursdays, 9 & 18 Holes
Tee Times: Summer: 6:30am (18H), 7:30AM (9H) | Winter: 7:30am (18H), 9:00am (9H)
Please contact Pat.

Pat Fitzsimons
Phone: 0421 711980

Carramar Seniors Social Golf Club

Thursdays, 9 Holes
Tee Times: Summer: 6:15am  |   Winter: 7:15am
Please contact Terry.

Terry Westmorland
Phone: 0420 405 853

Carramar Social Golf Club

Weekends, 18 Holes
Tee Times: Summer: from 6:00am  |  Winter: from 7:00am
Please contact Roger or Sandra.

Roger Clarke
Phone: 0466 990 943

Sandra Pinkerton
Phone: 0418 847 703

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